21 August 2012

Australian Service Medal and Australian Defence Medal

Sometimes I wish all the searches we do where as easy as this one.
Yesterday, I received a package from the NSW RSL. The package contained two contemporary Australian medals, a WWII War Medal, a WWI badge and a collection of Masonic medals.
The contemporary medals are the Australian Service Medal and the Australian Defence Medal. From the number I suspected that the recipient was in the RAN. A quick check of the Defence phone directory today gave me a possible candidate so I fired of an email. As it happens the CO of the ship this chap is posted to is a good friend of mine so I made a quick call and confirmed I had the right person.
I now know that the medals were stolen recently but will soon be back with the owner.
I have the phone number of the WWII veteran and the grand son of the WWI veteran whose medal and badge were in the package. I'm just waiting for them to return home so I can give them each a call.
The returned medal tally is now 1177.


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