23 August 2012

N.T. Aisbett - WWII War Medal

In the previous post I mentioned that I had recently received several items from the NSW RSL. One of these was a WWII War Medal. This particular medal was awarded to NX174153 Noel Travers Aisbett. I found Mr Aisbett easily enough in the NSW electoral rolls and noticed that he was at the same address for many years. Following a hunch I looked up Mr Aisbett in the White Pages and sure enough there he was still at the same address.
This morning I had a lovely chat with Noel. He tells me that he lost his medal about a year ago when is fell out of a bag. This bag also contained his other four WWII medals. So not only is this medal going to be returned to the vetern it will be reunited with the rest of his medal group.
The returned medal tally is now 1178.

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