24 August 2012

Masonic Medals

I've almost completed the research on all the items I received from the NSW RSL on 20 August 2012.
The three Masonic medals in the package date from the 1950s and were engraved with the names D.S.L Keay and A.R. Keay. Ancestry provided the full names as David Smith Laing and Allan Richmond, both living in New Zealand. From the Auckland War Memorial Museum website I found these details about David.
Having David's full name led me to another website belonging to Mr Nigel Keay. Nigel is a composer and violinist who lives and works in France. A link on Nigel's web site has a wonderful collection of WWI photos of David and of some of the sights he saw in Egypt. This link is to David's obituary.
Nigel is the grand son and son of David and Allan. His brother lives in Sydney so I'll return the medals to him.
All that remains from the items I received from the NSW RSL is a WWI badge and I hope to finalise that case today.
The returned medal tally is now 1181.


  1. Thanks for your help. The URL for the WW1 Photo Collection is now: http://dslk.nigelkeay.com/anzac.htm - the web hosting company made a change to the sub-domain URL, but everything is still there.

  2. Thanks Nigel, I've updated the link.