27 November 2011

Leslie Gaterell

This is a fantastic story of wonderful members of the community doing the right thing.
Recently, a Salvation Army shop in Queensland received a box of items from a deceased estate. When sorting through the cartons the Salvation Army staff came across four WWII medals awarded to N234365 Leslie Charles Gaterell (first mentioned here). The shop contacted the Currumbin RSL who in turn sent an email to the RSL National HQ and the state branch HQs of New South Wales and Victoria requesting help. Jude, our Victorian RSL state branch HQ contact, asked Bill to have a look and he soon solved the case. Indeed, Bill says it was one of the easiest he has been involved with. Bill has since spoken to Leslie’s daughter Carol and she has collected the medals from the Currumbin RSL.
I’m so pleased that our network was able to quickly resolve this case and we send our thanks to the Salvation Army for taking that first step to see these medals get back to the family.
The returned medal tally as a result of this return is 1038.

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