05 November 2011

Reginald Holmes 1914 - 1915 Star - Australian Light Horse

The 1914/15 Star awarded to 1397 PTE Reginald John James Holmes looks like it has travelled a very long way but really it hasn't. As can be seen in the pictures the medal is well worn, there is also a large dent on the reverse of the crown which has caused the medal to be a little bowed and it doesn't lie flat. This suggests a really hard life.
Holmes was an resident of Austinmer, the medal was dug up from a garden in Austinmer and the medal will be returned to Holmes grand son who also lives in Austinmer. So even though the medal has been out of the family care for some time it hasn't travelled that far.

During WWI Holmes served with the 7th Light Horse Regiment.
This return was possible thanks to the Daily Telegraph newspaper and the In search column.

The returned medal tally is now 1013.

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