12 November 2011

WWII Distinguished Service Cross

When Bill received the Durrant group, he was also given a WWII Royal Navy Distinguished Service Cross group. Given the way the medals were found and that the Durrant group was stolen, we made the assumption that the DSC group was also dumped after a theft. That is where this search ran into trouble.
Unlike Australian WWII medals, British medals were not individually named. We knew that the medals were genuine but who the exact recipient was proved more difficult. I then asked the very talented members of the British Medal Forum for their help. Several members were able to provide advice on the type of service an individual would have had based on the combination of medals. Their specific knowledge of medal entitlements and qualifying requirements proved very valuable when narrowing down likely candidates. Two members, Stewart and Lloyd went to great lengths to look at the London Gazette and narrow down even further who we might be looking for.
Stewart provided two possible names, one of which was the most likely. This was Lieutenant Commander George Raymond Grandage. An online post about Grandage’s service by his son Jerry gave us another clue. Jerry lives in Melbourne and that is where the medals were found.
Bill has recently been in contact with Jerry and he confirmed that the medals were stolen about 12 months.
This was a wonderful bit of research from the experts of the British Medal Forum and I can not thank them enough for their unselfish efforts.
This group also includes a Mentioned in Dispatches.
The returned medal tally is now 1031.

Update 26 Dec 11
Recently, Bill met with Jerry Grandage and returned Lieutenant Commander Grandage's medals to him. The first photos show Jerry unwrapping the medals which he thought he would never see again. The second picture shows Jerry and Bill discussing the medals.

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