26 April 2010

Reginald John Holland

This is another one of Bill stories so here are his words:
Reginald John HOLLAND joins our August List, well his 4 medals do.
There are searches where the search is the unknown question, Reginald and his medals form the other side of the equation.
How did a the medals of a man living in Victoria (all his life) end up in a second hand shop in Adelaide, to be bought by a lady in 2000 or so as a present to her Husband, another ex digger.
Now the story gets interesting the lady died in 2004, her husband in 2006, and their son Michael HOLLOWAY 'inherited the medals' with the aim of returning them to the rightful owner, his first attempts were fruitless and as he admits he has been busy and just never got around to returning them.
So 'our' search started, been an interesting wander going nowhere, however I 'lucked' on to John's Son in law, Terry O'CONNOR and then the fun started trying to convince him that I had his father in laws medals, he was pretty sure I hadn't the family well actually John's grandson has the medals. So it has been a bit backward and forward since, however the medals are now back with the family. I have left it with them to work out how the returned medals ended up in Adelaide.
The medal returned tally is now 629.

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