30 April 2010

Neal Joseph O'Connor

The medals awarded to Q153041 Neal Joseph O'Connor were sent to me from the QLD RSL in 2008. These medals have never been mounted for wearing and are still in their original box off issue. Include with this group is O'Connor's returned from active service badge and one of his dog tags.
This is what Bill pieced together about Neal:
Neal was 19 when he enlisted in December 1941, a Photographer by trade it was only by relinquishing his trade that he was able to get to New Guinea (ND) and the 'actual' war. First sent home from NG due to a football injury to his knee, he was able to get back in 1944, it was during this second time in country that he contracted Cerebral Malaria, for which he was medivaced to Australia. His malaria would plague him from then on, leading to his premature death in 1948.
The returned medal tally is now 632.


  1. Hi glyn

    thank you for returning my uncle neal's medals to his sister, Aunty Ella.

    Unfortunately Aunty Ella has memory problems now but i'm sure she was thankful to receive the special gift of her brother's medals.

    I would dearly love to wear Uncle Neal's medals this Anzac Day but I won't trouble Aunty Ella in such a fragile state, to look for them in her home. My hand will be on my heart and thinking of all the fallen.

    Lest we forget

  2. It is our pleasure to assist you family.