26 April 2010

British WWI Victory Medal - Pearson

When I first started researching lost medals I had a large number donated to me from the Queensland RSL State Branch. These medals had been handed in over many years and been kept in safe custody waiting to be researched. The original donation numbered about 20 medals of which one was a WWI Victory Medals awarded to MI-08623 PTE C.C. Pearson ASC.
Other than some very basic details about Pearson, I had no clues about him or his family. I made an educated guess that following WWI he immigrated to Australia so not knowing where he settled made it difficult to determine where to look for him. This name was one of several where the circumstance are very similar that is on my lost medal list.
This morning I was very surprised to receive an email from Bob Pearson who is the son of PTE Pearson. Bob has his father's 14/15 Star but never seen the other two medals that were awarded. Bob came across my entry about his father through a search of the Internet. This is a wonderful result.
The returned medal tally is now 625.

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