02 August 2020

Edward Trott

The service record for 2436 Edward Trott has shown a set of circumstances that I've not come across before.
On enlistment in 1915 he gave his age as 40 years and six months. It was not uncommon during WWI for soldiers to be less than truthful with their age by either putting their age up or down to enlist. What is unusual in Edward's case is that he successfully petitioned to be discharged early. The service record says his discharge was for family reasons but a letter dated in 1917 expands on this. A typed version of this letter is on page 14 of the service record.
Edward admits that in 1917 he was actually 46 years old and this, combined with multiple medical issues, makes him unlikely to ever be fit for further military service. He also writes that he is the father of nine children and that his wife is struggling to support their family. This appeal, and medical condition, got Edward an early discharge which occurred on 28 June 1918.
Edward was from South Australia, which I've complained about many times, does not have many public records available. This made the search for Edward's family difficult but it was eventually through Ancestry that a family member has been located.
Thanks to Sarah G who sent me Edward's Victory Medal.
The returned medal tally is now 2510.

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