30 March 2019

WWII and Korean War medal group

These medals, awarded to Alan Sivell, cover two wars while serving in the Royal Navy and the Royal Australian Navy. When I was first contacted about these medals they had just been handed in to an RSL club after being found among items handed in to a charity shop. The RSL then took the medals to the Victorian Police and they were then sent to me
I was a bit confused at first when I couldn't find a RAN WWII record for this sailor but did find the post WWII service record for CPO Alan Sivell. The record states that Alan commenced service in the RAN in 1951. I made the assumption that the WWII medals were earned in the RN. This proved correct when I received the medals and noted that the WWII medals were not named and there was no Australian Service Medals 1939-45. Alan discharged in 1966.
Through Face Book I was able to get in contact with Alan's grandson and then Alan's son. The family now live in New Zealand and I'll get these medals back to them prior to Anzac Day.
Thank you to the finder of these medals and my Victoria Police contact Dionne.
The returned medal tally is now 2335.

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