04 March 2019

Robert Glover

This group of five WWII medals awarded to NX139222 Robert John Glover have had an interesting journey over the last few years. Although, a complete history of where they have been will probably never be known.
I received the medals recently from Ivan of the NSW RSL state office, prior to that they had spent some time in a RSL sub-branch in the Northern Beaches of Sydney having been found on a school oval in the same area.
Thanks to information in this parent's death notices, that were available on line, it was easy to work out that Robert was an only child. Robert died in 1966 having never married.
The next phase of the search was quite difficult and involved going back in the Glover family history to work out who Robert's uncles and aunties were. I hit a few dead ends with a couple other family members until I looked at Robert's auntie; Ivy Grace Glover. Ivy had married Norman Micklem Morley which was the break I needed as this distinctive middle name was used in the next generation. Even after she married, Grace Micklem Morley was easy to follow through the electoral rolls thanks to her name. This branch of the family live in Victoria and it is Grace's son Graeme who I've been in touch with. Graeme tells me that Robert was known as Uncle Bob and I'll send the medal to him in the near future.
The returned medal tally is now 2318.

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