16 April 2018

Walter Hogg

It is becoming more common that medals that have been found are being posted on social medal with a request to find the family. Many of these request are either shared with me or the poster is referred to me. That is exactly how I became involved in the search for the family of 591 Walter James Hogg.
Bernice M posted the picture of Walter Hogg's WWI medals on a lost items page which was shared with me and Bernice also sent me a message.
Walter was born in 1987 in Broken Hill. The service record gives his occupation as salesman. After WWI Walter married Pheobe but they didn't have any children. Walter died in 1941 so the search moved to his siblings.
Walter had four brothers, one who died as an infant, and a sister. Following the family lines of the brothers all resulted in dead ends, however, his sister Muriel was included on an Ancestry family tree. The tree owner turned out to be Muriel's great grand daughter.
I've now put Bernice and Walter's great grand niece, Charlotte in so the medals can be returned.
The returned medal tally is now 2211.

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  1. Thank you Glyn for all your help, it is really appreciated. The medals will be returned to Walters family in the coming weeks. We are delighted.