09 August 2017

HEJ Bull

It is over seven years since I first started researching the treasure trove of medals in the NSW Box.
Of the dozens of separate envelopes I received there are now only a few left. One of the cases finally came to a resolution today.
Going back over my notes I recalled that Hubert Edger James Whalley Bull was initially difficult to track down. This was mainly because he used variations of his names, often dropping the Herbert and Whalley. Also he wasn't listed in the WWII nominal roll under his WWII number of NX179259 but rather his post war number of 21097. Once all these details were resolved, Hubert was pretty easy to follow. Although I was a bit surprised that he was still listed as a soldier in the 1963 electoral rolls.
Hubert died in 1996 and I could not find any evidence that he married which led me to look at the families of his siblings. I have now been in contact with Hubert's great-niece and will send her the medal in the near future.
The returned medal tally is now 2136

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