03 August 2017

Robert Jansen

There is nothing that Bill and I like more than providing assistance to the Police Forces around Australia.
Early this afternoon I received a call from a colleague at 9 RQR which is a reserve unit. Like so many part time organisations, 9 RQR has many Queensland Police Service officers in the ranks. The call I received was at the end of a chain where WO2 Bourke, also a Police Officer, had a National Medal that was recovered from a property.
Based on the description of the medal I knew I was dealing with a National Medal and the details of the recipient would be on the It's an Honour website. With in minutes I was able to provide the full name of CPO Robert Carol Jansen RTD to WO2 Bourke and through his resources Robert was soon contacted. The feed back I have received is that he 'super excited' to get his medal back.
The returned medal tally is now 2133.

1 comment:

  1. Well done Robert. My Dad didn't get many medals but I would be very upset if they were lost.
    Carolyn Harris