13 August 2016

Reginald Rose

Every now and then something about a medal surprises me. This WWII War Medal was awarded to 69104 Reginald Herbert Rose who served with the RAAF. The difference with this medal is that the first three numbers are at the 9 o'clock position are visible although they seem to be either soft struck or misaligned. The correct naming is from 7 o'clock thru to 4 o'clock. I suspect that the person who was doing the naming realised that he had started in the wrong position, realigned the medal and started again.
Thanks to Sandra who sent me the medal in 2013. I quickly worked out Reginald's details and from his death notice I knew the names of his daughters. However, without knowing their married names I hit a brick wall. Anne recently had a fresh look at this case for me and located Beverly, one of Reginald's daughters, who I spoke to this afternoon. Beverly lives here in Canberra so I'll arrange to drop the medal off to her in the near future.
Th returned medal tally is now 1871.

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