24 August 2016

Jack Kiniry

Some times the story of the medal is just as intriguing than the solider. This British War Medal was found 20 years ago by Matt and Jo and as can be seen in the pictures it has had a rough life. It looks like it was run over or churned up by a mower.
The soldier was 240 John (Jack) Gerard Kiniry who served in the 3rd Pioneer Battalion. Jack was from a Irish Catholic family who produced many priests and nuns. He did marry but had no children with his wife Mary. A letter that Jack wrote to his uncle was reproduced in a newspaper and I found it on Trove. I've included it below.
Like many families of the time they became extinct despite being quite large. I happened across a family tree which included the Kiniry family but the line was down Jack's mother's branch. The tree owner has kindly accepted custodianship of Jack's medal.
Thanks to Jo and Matt for sending me the medal.
The returned medal tally is now 1896.


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