28 August 2016

Edward Reuben Thompson

There is very little to this story from Bill but what we can tell speaks volumes.

When Edward Reuben Thompson died in 1938, his medals and the souvenirs, including letters to his wife, written during his military service were lost to his family.
Some time ago the Victorian Police recovered one of his long missing medals, how and where they cannot say, but to Edward’s daughter Beryl it doesn’t matter. Ten years old when her father was killed, she grew up always wondering what happened to her Dad’s medals, and while I could not tell her where they have been, what I was able to tell her this morning is that her father’s 1914-1918 War Medal is waiting for her and her son at a Victorian Police Station.
To the officers of Victoria Police who recovered the medal and to Kaye and Scott, also of the Victorian Police, on behalf of a veteran’s 86 year old daughter, thank you.

The returned medal tally is now 1900

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