18 June 2016

Frederick Freeman

We are back in the realms of the complicated search. This Pacific Star was awarded to Q151486 Frederick Thomas Freeman, it was sent to me by Dr Edward F of Canberra having originally been sent to him by Roger M of Young. Roger found the medal many years ago on the New England Highway while walking home from school.
The immediate details available gave me the names of Frederick's parents, his date of death and that his estate was administered by the Queensland Public Trustee. Then the leads ran out.
Anne W recently had a closer look at this family and worked out the following.
Frederick did not marry nor did he have children. His sister, Winifred, did marry but also had no children. Frederick's father was Albert, one of four children. Of these, Frederick's aunt, Sarah had two daughters. It is this family line which Anne followed.
Sarah's daughter Gladys married Herbert Edwards. Their daughter is Daphne who lives in Somerset, UK and I'll send her the medal in the near future.
Great research effort Anne.
The returned medal tally is now 1835.

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