24 April 2016

A very quick result

30 minutes ago I was included in a conversation on a Facebook family research page that I'm a member of. A lady was looking for a relative so that she could send the WWI medals awarded to Arthur Jolly Argall to. It took a few minutes using some of the resources I have available to locate Arthur's great nephew. I was soon speaking to him and they are now connected.
It was a great conversation to have just before Anzac Day.
The returned medal tally is now 1810.


  1. Hello My Name is Graeme Argall , the great Nephew , I received the medals this week , they are great and my family is amazed, My autistic son is happy as they are part of our family history ,that until I received the medals I had no idea that anyone in my family had been part of the First World War. Thanks again so much Graeme

  2. Hello Graeme, it was my pleasure to connect you with this medal. Your description of your son's response truly makes this special.