10 April 2016

Albert Simmons - WWI Victory Medal

In 1951, Tweed District Boys Band member, William C, aged 11, was visiting Grafton for the Region Band Competition. At the rear of the Old Grafton Fire Station, William found the WWI medal awarded to 6595 Albert Simmons.
As can be seen in the pictures, Albert's medal is in poor condition and and was probably lost when it fell off the ring that was attached to ribbon. In his service record, there are copies of letters that Albert sent to the Army after he lost his discharge certificate and Returned from Active Service Badge. However, there is no correspondence about him loosing his medal.
A couple of weeks ago William visited the HQ of the NSW RSL asking for the medal to be returned to Albert's family. The medal was then sent to me by Lindsay, one of our RSL contacts. Luckily for me, Albert's grand daughter, Marilyn, has posted her family tree on Ancestry.com.au so it was pretty easy to locate Albert's descendants. I'll be sending the medal to Marilyn in the very near future.
The returned medal tally is now 1805.

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