07 May 2016

Lost on Anzac Day

I'm often asked how medals get lost. One of the most common occurrences is when a medal falls off a jacket on Anzac Day. In the days following 25 April I get many people contacting me having either lost a medal or found one. This story is about an Anniversary of National Service 1951 - 1972 Medal that was found on Anzac Day 2016.
The medal was found in Fremantle, WA and handed in to the Rockingham Police Station. Senior Constable Nat G contacted The Directorate of Honours and Awards and Liz E referred Nat to me.
The name on the medal was MW Lee which made it a bit difficult to narrow down the former nasho. A contact of mine, Wayne W, was able to provide Mr Lee's full name and date of birth. Based on this additional information Nat was able to determine Mr Lee's contact details.
A great result achieved in just a few hours.
The returned medal tally is now 1811.

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