15 May 2015

Percy Keast - BWM

The British War Medal awarded to 6538 Henry Georgy Percy Keast was sent to my by Tracey L of the Cooparoo RSL after it was passed to her.
Percy was a member of the 9th Battalion AIF and was wounded by being gassed.
Following Percy's return to Australia the records are pretty thin so I had to make a lot of assumptions about his family. Percy's death notice said that he was the father/father in law of Bill and Joan and May and Alan Stark. By a process of elimination I found William Horace Keast who married Joan Kay and Agnes May Keast who married Alan Frederick Stark. The last electoral roll which is available on line via Ancestry.com.au is for 1980 and gave me Alan and May's son's name and from there I found his wife's name. An internet search provided the same name combination linked to a business in Sydney. Based on a hunch I called the business today and ended up talking to Percy's grandson.
Thanks to Tracey and the original donor.
The returned medal tally is now 1679.

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  1. Eventually I amgoing to run out of things to say about the work you do :)

    You do Australia proud :)