30 April 2015

The 'Curse' of the little gold safety pin part 2

The next chapter from Bill.

My second story concerns a Defence Long Service Medal. In this case while the enquiry came via the normal route of Anzac House, the story of its successful conclusion is a little different .
Here it was a case of Glyn riding to the fore. From the time I emailed the details of the medal until I received a reply was a little under 5 minutes of which only 34 seconds was actual research time, as Glyn has oh so modestly informed me.
Saturday in Melbourne was a cold and wet day and as you will read over the ensuing days, the curse struck regularly. At present I am looking at the results of it. However, in this case it was thanks to Rod Mills the President of the Victorian Veteran Military Corps and his eagle eye, who found the medal that set in chain the series of events that saw it returned. Bob the ‘owner’ has promised to have the medal ‘fixed’, so perhaps we have again defied the ‘curse’.
Last weekend in Melbourne two families learned Murphy’s first and second rule of dynamics, that if a pin looks weak, it is and if a medal ribbon is frayed then it will not last.
This year for two families the lesson was free, the medals have ‘come home’.
(34 seconds Grr!!)

The returned medal tally is now 1662. Thanks to Roland for his assistance

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