15 April 2015

Dulcie Hickman

In the broad scheme of WWII, this particular medal is quite inconsequential. However, when the story behind it is told then it takes on a whole different meaning.
VFX128227 Dulcie Irene Hickman enlisted in to the Australian Army Medical Woman's Service and cared for wounded soldiers. A letter from Dulcie to her parents about some of her experiences was published in their local paper. I've added it below. After the war Dulcie worked in a Repatriation Hospital and continue to care to veterans.
Her medal may be humble but her commitment to service was not.
Thank you to Laraine R for me sending the medal. Also thanks to Dave B in France for putting me in touch with Dulcie's great niece, Pat.
The returned medal tally is now 1651.


  1. Dedication and commitment is often obscure. Well done on telling her story.

  2. Thank you for your efforts Glyn! So lovely to have her medal returned to her family.