06 April 2015

Santley Redfern

This story just came in from Bill.

In 2009 I had the privilege of being one of a ‘small band’ of volunteers who came together to try and locate the next of kin of those young Australians who had been killed at Fromelles in 1916. Mine, by comparison to many, was an insignificant role, but it is one of which I am proud.
One such soldier to lose his life during those dreadful days of the 19th-20th of  July 1916 was 1067 Private Santley Redfern. While records show he may have been buried at VC Corner along with many others of the 31st Battalion A.I.F,  his next of kin had no reservations in registering their DNA, if not to identify Santley, then at least to reduce the size of the selection pool.
Recently, I assisted Ian, who had two of Santley’s medals, to pass them on to the family.
Out of respect for the family and after a request I will say no more. Other than to express a thanks to Ian who came to me with the medals, seeking my help and then at his own expense had the medals mounted before they ‘went home’.

The returned medal tally is now 1649.

This is a picture studio portrait of Santley.

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