13 November 2014

Terence Clifford

I had a really nice email from Jenni M recently who contacted me on behalf of her daughter who found 4 Vietnam War medals. The medals, found near Bundaberg, QLD, were awarded to R42526 Terence John Clifford.
I was able to follow Terry via the electoral rolls up until 1980 and he was still in the RAN. I hit a brick wall so asked some contacts in Defence if anyone had served with Terry. This requested through up an interesting referral. Based on the service number I was told that Terry was most likely a tradesman so it was suggested I try the RAN Skilled Hands website. Before I could follow this lead a very kind person posted my request and within a day I received an email from Terry. I was then able to put him in touch with Jenni. He now has his medals.
Thank you to all those who reached out to their contacts to help me in this search. How the medals ended up in Bundy remains a mystery.
The returned medal tally is now 1562.


  1. It just shows a number of things
    1. Once a Mobi always a Mobi
    2. That the WWW is invaluable tool for this sort of endeavour
    3. Ex Navy look out for their own. Even if we are abandonded by our political masters
    Well done Glynn