15 November 2014

Arthur Warren

This story is about the WWI Victory Medal awarded to 200 PTE Arthur Warren and Bill's search for Arthur's family.

Medal searches fall into many categories. One is the ‘interrupted category’.
Such was the search for the next of kin of 200 PTE Arthur WARREN. Originally awarded in the 1920s the story moves forward to late 1990’s when Arthur’s Victory Medal was found in Preston, on a rubbish pile in front of a house that was being renovated. A medal that would probably not been found but consigned to the tip, had it not been in a little silver case that caught the eye of a man out walking his dog.
So we step forward to 2013 and a request from Jerry a veteran of Afghanistan, who had been passed the medal and was requesting help in returning it to Arthur’s family.
This is how I summarised the story to the team of the Australian Surname Group, when I emailed them the result of the search

‘Team, tonight I sent of the following message:
‘Good evening all.
Jerry say hello to Peter the grandson of Arthur Warren.
Peter say hello to Jerry who is really responsible for this email, for it was Jerry and his enquiry to the Jude, the Office Manager at the State Offices of the RSL that started the search.
At that point I am going to say no more. I have however left attached the photos that Jerry forwarded to me.
Regards to you both

Shortly thereafter I received the following from Jerry
‘Thanks Bill
Spoke to Peter and all is well. So dammed happy to get the medal to a relative. Feels so good to get something so precious back to another vets family’

And from Peter:

‘Hi Bill
 I am happy and grateful for all the effort you have put in to trace us.'

In reality I feel I have done little, if thanks are in order then they should go to the team of the Australian Surname Group.
The returned medal tally is now 1563.

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  1. excellent work by all concerned. Arthur made sure the correct journey was taken.