19 November 2014

Ross Fenn

The family research resources available on line are simply fantastic. That is until I hit a brick wall then the frustration really sets in.
With the search for Stoker Edward Ross Fenn I raced through the years finding loads of information until his death in 1977. Then nothing. Ross appears in a couple of family trees on Ancestry.com.au and the tree owners have been very helpful but the last piece of the jigsaw has been very elusive. I did work out that Ross had three children but working out who they were was proving very difficult.
One contact on Ancestry, Sandra, was able to put me in touch with Ken Ryan who in turn referred me to Bert Roberts. I spoke to Bert tonight and even though he had no immediate information to give me he graciously committed to help me out. As I composed an email to him I had to revisit all the research and evidence I had found. As I checked the addresses Ross had lived at I found a name in the 1968 electoral roll I recognised living in the same suburb. I had to look at google maps to locate the address and on a whim checked out the initial/name combination in the White Pages. In a neighboring suburb from that 1968 entry I found the same name. I took a punt and called the number and ended up speaking to Ross' son. Now I can report back to Sandra, Ken and Bert that I've found the missing piece they were all looking for.
Thanks also goes to Kay R and John P who donated the medals to me in September.
The returned medal tally is now 1571.


  1. What a star!
    Wonderful to see that so many people are keen to help out.