04 September 2014

WW2 Defence Medal

The WW2 Defence medal awarded to WX4662 Burton Orlando Grave came to me via my friend Sandra. Burton's family was originally from Victoria but sometime around 1900 they moved to Perth. Burton was born in 1905 and had several sibling. He did marry but had no children. Of all of his siblings only one had a child, Vivian, who was tragically killed when the HMAS CANBERRA was sunk in 1942.  
I then had to go back to Burton's father's family. They had all remained in Victoria so I focused on one brother, Henry Roper Grave and quickly followed the family through to the current generation. It wasn't long before I was in contact with this branch of the family and will soon send them the medal.
The returned medal tally is now 1534.

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