29 September 2014

Alban Charles Gray

Medals awarded to members awarded to the Merchant Marine are often difficult to research. There is a MN section as part of the WW2 nominal roll, however, these records aren't complete and there is limited other online resources. In addition, due to the nature of their profession, merchant mariners spend most of their life at sea and don't appear in the electoral rolls.
The search for Alban Charles Gray didn't start well as he is not included in the WW2 nominal roll however he did appear in the electoral rolls over many years so I was able to track him rather easily. These entries also gave me the name of his son, Cecil. The other items of information I picked up was that Alban died on Thursday Island in 1959 and Cecil died last year.
Thanks to Mary Loo, who posted the Gray family tree on Ancestry, I have been put in touch with a cousin of Cecil who I'll send the medals to in the near future.
Thanks to Marion of the Ipswich RSL for sending me Alban's medals.
The returned medal tally is now 1539.


  1. Shame his line died out ... but excellent that they are with the family.

    1. His brother (my father) is alive in Sydney.