16 July 2014

Clarence Moore

 Here is Bill's story about our latest return:

There are times when Glyn and I sit down to write up our research and we determine that consideration for the family takes precedence over the story. Such is the case of the search for the family of VX51577 Clarence Bernard Moore, whose medals were found along with those of Clement Handley in a rubbish bin in North Laverton.
Frank, who found the medals contacted Jude Beshears at the RSL Victorian State Branch HQ and was referred to me. It says something for Frank’s quick action in that we spoke on a Friday morning at 1000 and I picked up the medals from the Watsonia RSL at 1830 that evening.
The search for the next of kin of Clarence took less than a week before Glyn had located Jacquie, Clarence’s Granddaughter.
Shortly Jacquie and I will arrange for her Grandfather’s medals to be mounted. And so a veteran’s medals that were never mounted, stolen when Jacqueline’s mother was only a child and can never remember her father wearing them, are ‘home’.

Thanks to Jacquie for permission to use the photo of Clarence. The returned medal tally is now 1495.

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  1. He wanted his medals back and now they are. Congratulations everyone.