08 June 2014

WWI Medal Trio

Yesterday I mentioned that every so often I review our active cases just to see what new information might be available online. Of the 15 cards I went over again I had success with the Lang case and then later in the day I resolved another search. On this occasion it was eliminating all the possible candidates before finding which soldier was left.
Last April I received a WWI trio awarded to 9645 William F Manning who served with the South Wales Borderers.
I now know that William was one of nine children to William and Florence Manning. He was 19 when he enlisted. The medals will be returned to the family of William's nephew.
Thank you to Winifred L from Palm Cove who sent the medal to me.
The returned medal tally is now 1461.


  1. I am so pleased and I hope that the family will appreciate your efforts. After all those years of sitting unconnected in my drawer I hope the medals bring pride to the family concerned. Keep up your great work Glyn and thank you from me. Winifred