16 June 2014

Daniel Logan

The WWII War medal awarded to NX8831 PTE Daniel Joseph Logan was sent to me by my friend Sandra in April 2014. I had a little bit of a false start with my research so I decided to revisit it today. Originally, I went do a line of research based on a family tree on Ancestry which subsequently proved to be a complete dead end so I went back to the start. From the electoral rolls it was apparent that Daniel never married so it was his siblings I started to look into.
I located Daniel's mother's death notice which gave me all the names I needed. His two sisters married two brothers with reasonably unusual surnames. From all this I pieced together a family tree which stopped with Daniel at his last know address in 1980 and started again with the family of his nephew who also served in WWII. From all this I got a general suburb location in Sydney where I knew a great nephew lived, found a likely listing in the White Pages, took another punt and sure enough I had the right family.
The returned medal tally is now 1462.

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  1. Wonderful. With the great nephew having served in WW2 I can hold faith in the medal being treasured. Thank you :)