30 June 2014

South African Medals

This is a new line of research for us. Last month I received an envelope from Jackie at Australia Post. The envelop contained four large medals and the corresponding miniatures but it had come adrift from the packaging.
I had not seen the medals before and initially thought them to be from some association. The medals aren't named but on the envelope was a name and service number. All searches that I tried bought up a no logical solutions. I put the research aside as something to do when I could dedicate a lot of time to it.
Last week I received a email form a gentleman asking me to research some Australian WWII medals and he happen to have the same surname as on the envelop. While he isn't related he provided me with the South African origins of the name.
This was all the clues I needed. Once I established the South African link I could identify the medals. From there I narrowed down the potential candidates with the initial/surname combination from the envelope to one person. I found a reference to him on a Facebook post so I sent the owner a message.  Overnight, I had a response from Cape Town and it is the right family. The medals belong to a retired South African Major General who now lives in Australia. I spoke to him this morning and will post the medals off in the near future.
Thanks to Jackie from Australia Post, Lascel for the details on his surname and Riaan for replying so promptly with the contact details for his father.
The medals in the photo are the Military Merit Medal, the Southern Cross Medal, the General Service Medal and the Permanent Forces Good Service Medal.
The returned medal tally is now 1478.

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