30 September 2013

Edward Kay - WWII pair

I received the WWII War Medal and Australian Service Medal 1939-45 awarded to 54242 Edward Robert Kay from Australia Post after the medals were found loose in the mail. I found a few family trees on Ancestry.com.au and the picked the one that seemed to have the most information about Edward and had only recently been accessed. I sent a message in April but did not receive a reply.
Today I've revisited some old searches and had another look at Edward's records. I found another Ancestry tree which included Edward, however, the account hadn't been accessed for over a year so I wasn't sure if I would get a response. To my very pleasant surprise within minutes I received an email from Edward's great grand daughter telling me that the medals had been posted in March and not seen again.
The returned medal tally is now 1320.

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  1. He wanted his medals home with the family ...