02 October 2013

Arthur Hann

I'm often asked how medals are lost and where they are found. The stories are countless but with this set I know they were found in a bin before being handed in to the WA Police.
Yesterday, I was contacted to assist in the research for a relative of Arthur Victor Ericc Hann who died in 2010. I soon found his Vietnam War nominal roll entry and even better his RAN service record. I did know that Arthur had been on the crew of the HMAS Voyager and soon stumbled upon his name being mentioned in a news paper report from the Voyager Disaster Royal Commission.
We now know the medals were stolen earlier this year and are being returned to the family member they were stolen from. The combined efforts of several people have now made it possible to return these medals to Arthur's nephew. The returned medal tally is now 1327.

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  1. Great success story for you and the team!