16 June 2012

Langdon Reuben Rule - British War Medal

This is another example of all the research pieces falling in to place thanks to Ancestry.
The BWM awarded to 6581 Langdon Reuben Rule also came to me from Graham Docksey of the Albury RSL. Rule served with the 8th Battalion AIF and the search for him was a little difficult as his first and second names are often reversed and different spelling is used. After a few hours focusing on Rule, I had run in to the inevitable brick wall.
I then started to focus on his wife and I stumbled across his her name in an Ancestry family tree. Then the whole story opened up. Within 10 minutes of that discovery and taking an educated guess, I was talking to Rule's grand daughter.
I'll be returning the medal to Dianne in the near future.
The returned medal tally is now 1158.


  1. Thank you so much Glyn, i know my aunty has been trying to chase this down for a while now and as a current serving member it also means a lot to me as i will be able to wear it with pride on the 100th ANZAC anniversary next year.

  2. My pleasure. Drop me a line on the DRN sometime.