29 October 2011

H2437 Kenneth Conway RAN

Here is the story of the Conway medal from Bill:
When Jennifer started researching her family tree, one of the links she found was to a cousin in Tasmania, who among many things informed her that she had Jennifer's fathers war medals, and would Jennifer like them?
Well the joy and surprise was tempered on arrival by the inclusion of the 1939-1945 War Medal of Kenneth Charles Conway Ex H2437 (RAN). From questions to the cousin and her own research it soon transpired that Ken was not a member of Jennifer's family, extended or otherwise.
Her next step to advertise in the Veteran Affairs Newsletter, brought Bill who was doing research with the RSL into the picture with an offer of help which Jennifer accepted.
One of the great things about returning medals is making contact with the families of the often deceased service personnel. But rarely as in this case do you have the opportunity, to speak to the recipient, the major problem being to now convince Ken that one of his prized medals was missing, and had been for some time.
Jennifer has now forwarded Ken's medal to him with a long letter explaining how she came by the medal.
The one question we cannot answer, however, for both Ken and Jennifer is where has the 'missing' medal been all these years, which if you think about it from Ken's perspective it has not been 'missing'?

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