27 October 2011

David Tollens

PM4494 David Frederick Tollens served in the RAN for a period of four years during WWII. Tollens was from a family with a long military history. His father and uncle moved to Australia from New Zealand during the late 19th century. His father served during WWI as 878 PTE William David Tollens in 13th LHR and later 2nd DAC. During WWII William served again as V83026. Uncle James spent his life in the Merchant Navy. David's brother was Charles Louis Tollens and served as V35227, VX142400 and in the RAAF as 440779.
I was able to track the family through the Electoral Rolls and worked out that David and his wife Margaret had no children of their own. The search then focused on the family of Charles and I've now spoken to Charles' grand son who the medal will be returned to.
The returned medal tally is now 1011.
Those readers who have an interest in the naming styles on medals will note the difference between the Navy style and those of the Army and RAAF.

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  1. Thanks for finding the source of this medal, after finding it collecting dust in the back of an Op shop i'm glad it has regained its sentimental value.