16 August 2011

Wilfred Albert Clayton

This is another story of a soldier wanting to see the medals of a veteran returned to the family. Major Neil L is a member of the Army Reserve and has been searching for the family of VX85660 Wilfred Albert Clayton so that Wilfred's medals can be returned. Neil did a power of work but this is a very complicated story.
Bill has found Wilfred's nephew, the son of Wilfred's sister Valma Grace Clayton. Despite three marriages Wilfred did not have any children of his own. Sadly, Wilfred died in a car accident when returning homes from visiting his nephew. It is believed he may have had a heart attack at the wheel. We surmise that the nephew was the son that Wilfred never had. They spent a lot of time together usually fishing.
Great research from Bill and a wonderful gesture from Neil.
The returned medal tally is now 971.

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