09 August 2011

James Hubert Scott

Some searches are very easy and some have proved to be very difficult. This one falls in to the very very easy category.
Today I received the British War Medal awarded to 4712 James Hubert Scott who served in 16th Battalion AIF.  3 minutes after opening the package containing the medal, thanks to the Internet, I was able to identify who was James' grandson and I found his phone number in the White Pages. I've spoken to the family and will be arranging for the medal to be returned in the near future.

Update 16 Aug 10 - Today I spoke to Mrs Catherine Hindson who is James' grand daughter. As can be imagined, Catherine is rather excited about this and I'll be arranging to return the medal to the family very soon. Catherine is the wife of William (Bill) Hindson MC MG

Thanks to Tarren for sending this medal to me.
The medal returned tally is now 966.
This medal has had a pretty hard life as the pictures show. The impressing was difficult to read let alone photograph.

Update 28 Aug 10 
This morning I was lucky enough to meet with members of the Scott family and return this medal to them.
Pictured from left are:
Catherine Hindson (nee Scott) who is James', grand daughter
Bill Hindson
Don Scott - James' son
Elsie Scott - Don's wife
James' medal is in front of Don.


  1. Hello Glyn,
    We were quite taken by surprise to hear that you had Catherine's Grandfathers WWI British War Medal. I have been researching the Scott family (and also my family) and have James Hubert Scott's full military records, along with those of his brothers William Joseph and Richard Patrick. James Hubert was twice wounded whilst serving in 48th Battalion. His brothers both returned their medals on 30 September 1924.
    Catherine is absolutely overjoyed that after all this time, one of the medals of her Grandfather has been found. Thank you for your efforts.

  2. It is my pleasure Bill and Catherine. I am really looking forward to meeting you (again) in the near future and handing back this medal.
    Yours in service,

  3. Thank you for keeping me updated on progress Glyn. My husband, Justin and I are so pleased that the medal has been returned to James' family and very excited to see the picture of you returning the medal.
    As for your question on how we came to find the medal, my husband found it in our backyard when gardening. That would explain the hard life it's had! We live in North Perth, WA and from my own internet search, it would seem James lived in Leederville (5 minutes from Nth Perth) when he first signed up to the army. I have enjoyed learning more about James and his life serving in the army.
    Thanks again for your help in us getting the medal returned to it's rightful owners.

  4. Hi Tarren and thank you for leaving a comment. I'll pass the information to Catherine about where the medal was found.

  5. Hi i am wishing to contact Bill Hindson regarding Lloyd Charles Behm. My email is marbra@live.com