11 January 2008

Update - 11 Jan 08

Thank you for the feed back I have received so far. I really appreciate the frank comments. As a result I have made some changes. I was not happy with the photo layouts so made a couple of amendments. I hope now that it is easier to identify the different medals I have posted pictures of. There is still a couple of spacing issues but I haven't mastered html yet. Hopefully, this will improve as I get used to the site layout.

As an experiment I have inserted a slide show with a heap of other photos I have. I hope you like this and I'll use it for all the obscure photos I have.
I have also put up a photo of a real Pacific Star so that a comparison can be made with the fake example I've posted.

In the last few days we have managed to locate four more families and return the relatives medals. The main website, Lost Medals Australia, will be updated with the latest returned total in the near future.

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