16 January 2008

Unusual units or low numbers

When I first started on this research I didn't appreciate keeping photographic records. I really only need one or two photos of the obverse and the reverse of a medal however, the uniqueness for each medal comes from the serviceman details impressed on the reverse or rim. So I'm now photographing the rim of each medal in my care.
While I initially used the Internet for research that was mostly through access to records. More and more I now use research forums to find out about individuals and try to find where they, or their families are now. Having photos gives me some thing to share online.
I'm a little annoyed I didn't photograph rims from the start as there have been some significant medals I've returned. For example the MM and Bar to L/SGT Athol Croskell, the MM to PTE James Cathels or the WWII group awarded to PTE Ray Westendorf who was aboard the Hospital Ship "Centaur" which was sunk off the Queensland coast.
What I find interesting is medals from unusual units or low regimental numbers which indicates that the soldier joined early. The Barrington-Kersland and Leslie medals which are shown below are to a couple of interesting units. Here are some photos of some of the other medals that I find interesting.
23 SGT Alfred Button
2 Mobile Vet Section

493 PTE Ernest Horne

CPL Roman Ilupmaggi
2 LH Bde, 2 Sig Tp
(Note the difference in the naming style on the BWM and Victory Medal. This group is in mint condition having never been worn)

129 PTE Leslie McKeown
7th Bn AIF
Charles Taylor
PTE Selly Thaiday
Torres Strait
Light Infantry

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