29 January 2020

Fred Twining

This is another international return that has taken five years to finalise due to a few false starts.
42081 Frederick George Twining was a British WWI soldier in the Royal Artillery. Finding Fred proved difficult which caused the false starts.
The records alternated between spelling his surname Twining and Twinning. As a result, it took some time to determine that Fred was born in 1891 and died in 1934. But then the trail run cold, I just couldn't find a link to the current generation. I revisited this search recently and found a new tree on Ancestry that included Fred. I've just received a reply from the tree owner who is Fred's great grandson. This is Mike who tells me he is looking forward to surprising Fred's granddaughter, and her siblings, with Fred's medal.
The mystery remains about how this medal got to Australia since Fred's family remained in the UK.
Thanks to Roger S who sent the medal to me originally.
The returned medal tally is now 2423.  

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