30 April 2019

F W G Johnson

The story behind these medals is pretty hard to believe but not much surprises me these days. Having now spoken to Fred's daughter I can fill in all the gaps.
These medals are in as issued condition and still in the box of issue. Along with the medals was a letter written by Fred in 2002 addressed to Christies requesting that the medals be mounted to wear. Somehow the medals went missing in the mail, they eventually found their way to the Directorate of Honours and Awards before being sent to me.
Fred was NX30929 Frederick William George Johnson, he served in Syria and later PNG. After WWII he didn't participate in Anzac Day marches but in the early 2000s he decided to became more involved and get his medals mounted. Fred died in 2004.
It took me some time to work out Fred's family tree but today I was able to track down Fred's nephew. To my very pleasant surprise he was able to provide me with the Fred's daughter name and phone number. I was soon talking to Sandy who filled in all the blanks about Fred's medals.
Thanks again to Honours and Awards for sending these to me and to Peter for helping me get in touch with Sandy.
The returned medal tally is now 2355.

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