06 February 2019

Returned Defence Long Service Medal

Bill and I get considerable satisfaction when we assist other organisations that also serve our community. In this case I assisted Victorian Police Sergeant Mark P searching for the owner of an Defence Long Service Medal. Mark is a former ARA soldier and currently an Army Reservist.
Mark provided the details on the medal that was awarded to former sailor P Smith.
The very common name combined with an old service number put a few barriers in my way. I was assisted by one of my contacts, Jason, who was able to provide Mr Smith's full name. This still didn't narrow down the exact individual for Mark so I had to stretch my skills to find Mr Smith's date of birth. That was the final piece of information that Mark needed and he was soon in contact with Mr Smith.
It turns out that the medal was stolen in a burglary in Mulwala between 2 or 3 years ago and it is now back with Mr Smith.
The returned medal tally is now 2308.

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