03 February 2019

Herbert Parkin

Great work by Bill.

This is a story although brief in its telling, serves as a reminder to all. When you are clearing out all old family clothes and the odd box of junk,  get two people to check what is being thrown out. One after the other and that you take a few minutes to check pockets.
But for the eagle eye and the action of Helen and the team at the Salvation Army Shop in Watsonia, Herbert Keith Parkin’s medals may well have joined the long list of missing medals.
That really is the story of the return of Herbert’s medals to his family. With both his children having passed on it was left for his daughter in law, Kirstin to receive the medals. Medals that will be held in trust for Herbert’s great grandchildren. However, one of the first things Kirstin will be doing is to have the medals mounted, so that there is less chance of them being overlooked again.
The returned medal tally is now 2307.

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