14 May 2018

Anniversary of National Service Medal

Another success story from Bill.

Recently I received an Anniversary of National Service Medal from the Victorian police. This in itself is nothing new. What was, however, was the phone call I received 6 days prior.
According to the Police Constable who rang me, the medal had two numbers on it, 
firstly 31xxxxx and secondly, VO571. The impression was faint so he was not sure.
Well the first number 31xxxxx initially had me stumped, until I realized it was a CMF Regimental Number. It would later transpire that the owner of the medal had already completed 2 years military service in the CMF when his birth date was drawn in the National Service Call-Up. He took the option then available to serving CMF members who had completed two years service of staying in the CMF for a further three years. Thus being eligible for the Anniversary of National Service Medal.
The second number, well there was no second number. With the aid of a torch and an extremely powerful magnifying glass, it was a different story. If I was to say the 5 was actually an ‘S’ I will leave it to readers to work it out. No prizes will be given.

The returned medal tally is now 2223. 

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