24 March 2016

Frenchie's medals - Over 1800 medals returned

This is a really good story from Bill about a group of WWI and WWII medals and about the persistence in locating the family. 

To his family he was Edgar, to his mates he was ‘Frenchie’, a nickname that came as the consequence of being awarded the Croix De Guerre by the French Government for outstanding acts of courage during WWI. It was a nickname that would follow him up until his death in 1952.
Edgar, like so many men who served during WWI, lined up to enlist again in 1940. The fact that he had been badly wounded during WWI, appears to have conveniently forgotten to be mentioned.
Edgar’s medals came to us from an industrial waste recycling company. When found, the original finder, not knowing the medals, assumed that they were a complete set and stopped looking. Still missing are Edgar’s British War Medal, and Victory Medal from WWI, as is his War Medal, Australian Service Medal 1939-1945 from WWII.
To Peter, whose company found the medals in January 2014, and never stopped looking for a next of kin, thank you for trusting us to keep the search going.
At the request of ‘Frenchies’ family, who are still searching for his ‘missing’ medals, we have been requested to restrict publication of both the family details and our search data.

The returned medal tally is now 1803. Another mile stone reached.

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